Blue Mountain #1

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Manufacturer : Clavis International Trading Limited

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Weight: 225g
Place of Origin:  Jamaica

Located on the Eastern side of the Jamaican Island, Blue Mountain - the origin of the Blue Mountain Coffee, has the magnificent blue light from the sea reflected on the surface. The peak of Blue Mountain has an altitude of 2,256 metres, which makes it the tallest peak among the Caribbean region, and a well-known tourist spot. Bounded in the bean belt, the volcanic soil on the Mountain is rich in nutrients; there is clean and refreshing air, as well as the humid weather with sufficient rainfalls (average rainfall accounts to 1980 mm; mean temperature is at 27°C. The unique condition has created the world’s most respected and the most expensive coffee - Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee.

The Jamaican Government established the Jamaica Coffee Industry Board in 1950. The Board has long been determining the quality standards of Jamaican coffee, and supervising the enforcement of the standards in order to uphold the high standards of the produced coffee. It is also among the top government coffee organizations. Blue Mountain Coffee No. 1 is the highest-class coffee among all Jamaican coffee products. The coffee plants are mainly located at the mountains, having a minimum altitude of 5,000 feet. The special weather there has much contributed to the top quality of the coffee beans. The determination to follow traditional methodology for producing coffee also marks the prestige of Blue Mountain Coffee No. 1.

The Blue Mountain coffee beans are all produced from the 12 coffee plants certified by the Jamaica Coffee Industry Board. With every single coffee bean hand harvested, they have passed through rigorous scrutinization by the CIB. The roasting process is also carried out by the 6 CIB-certified coffee makers. Therefore, it is very much guaranteed that the exported coffee products are of the best quality in the world.

The pure Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, with its strong aroma, extraordinarily stands out from its competitors. The processes of grinding and brewing would take the best out of the coffee; the scent would surely make you indulged. With its lower-than- average caffeine level, the coffee is fit for modern people who put much emphasis on healthy lifestyles. The sweetness, sourness and bitterness of the coffee have perfectly blended to give a slightly creamy flavour with floral notes and a complex finish. No wonder most people would enjoy the Blue Mountain Coffee as black coffee.

100% Jamican Blue Mountain #1 Coffee Beans

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