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Elite Natural has a high standard about the quality of our lingzhi cracked spores oil capsules. Quality control of our products begins from the search for raw materials in the Anhui province, followed by a unique production process in our factory located in the Guangzhou Science Park. Satisfaction with the strict specifications required by the Singapore HSA indicates the importance of quality check in every procedure throughout farming and manufacturing and from field to consumer.


Elite Natural though a relatively new entrant to the Lingzhi market showcase superior products that we are confident that our quality is able to match and even exceed the standards of those that are presently in the market.  Backed by research work done by prominent researchers and scientists, we are confident that the wide range of benefits it will bring to the users would be insurmountable.

Cost is always a consideration for new customers as it is indeed a product that is more costly compared to the other supplements.  But the benefits it derives as a result of those who are willing to try or have little choice but to try is undoubtedly positive.  As such, we pride ourselves in bringing the products at a affordable level to our competitors.  Elite Natural is also bringing the Spores Oil which is dominated currently by a prominent brand at a more palatable cost.  In our range of products, Elite Natural also have the well-established spores that most consumers are more familiar with also at a very attractive price.

Efficacy is one major factor that most consumers is ignorant to. Normal consumers will be put off by the price when considering between the conventional spores capsules versus the spores oil capsules. Let us use our product range as an illustration to demonstrate how our products can deliver the same benefits with a more affordable solution.

  • 1 spore oil capsule is equivalent to 15 capsules in terms of potency.
  • 1 spore oil capsule is retailing at $35
  • 1 spore capsule is retailing at $4  – therefore at 15 capsules, it would actually cost the consumer $60 for similar potency


Our team with contacts as listed in the Contact list  together with Dr. Kathy are available to advice anyone who are interested to know more and for any upcoming events or promotions.  Elite Natural aims to reduce the ongoing cost with the consumers in mind to help them migrate to a combination of products while maintaining the same benefits.

We shall not blatantly published or directly compare the prices amongst our competitors but can confidently assure all consumers that our retail price is amongst the lowest with the same or better grades of products. Needless to say that with bundled sales or whenever there is a special promotion, what Elite Natural can provide would be an irresistible package for personal consumption or as gifts for dear ones and friends.



  • We develop our own distinct high quality lingzhi species with identity and certification. Patent: GL-Y10-01
  • We cultivate our lingzhis in the most suitable environment- dedicated production factory in Anhui with delicate balance of stable temperature, humidity, and nutrients. Patent: ZL200910041707.6
  • Organic farming methods. Certification: 007OGA1200301
  • Upon harvest, lingzhis are sent to our manufacturer – GuangDong Company. It was built based on the Microbiology research objectives, mainly focussing on fungi as food as well as a medicinal approach. GuangDong factory has invested more than 10 million dollar at Guangzhou Sciences parks for an 8,000 sqm model production GMP factory & international research based centre.


    Our patented enzyme formulation which cracks and removes 99.95% of the outer hard cell of the spore powder without generating any “heatiness”.
    Awarded Enzyme cracking process with IP Patent : ZL99117256.6

    The German super-critical CO2 extraction technique which extricates the oil quintessence inside a cylindrical instrument with high pressure and low temperature environment without affecting the bioactive compound.
    Awarded Supercritical CO2 Extraction process Patent : ZL200610035574.8




    Mdm Mah, 67 years old, secondary school teacher with 30 years history of high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

    2 older siblings both passed away at young ages of 52 and 63 due to similar cases of high blood pressure and cholesterol, despite medicine consumption which resulted in kidney failure and dialysis.

    Mdm Mah has been consuming Lingzhi spore oil for 3 years and counting. She started with 6 capsules of Lingzhi spore oil and 4 capsules of Lingzhi spore powder.

    Within 6 months her blood pressure was down from 160/100 to 120/80. With a continued intake of lingzhi spore oil and powder, she reduced her intake of high blood pressure pill while maintaining her blood pressure at 120/80.

    A year later, Mdm Mah stopped taking high blood pressure pills altogether and has since then found that she hardly falls ill, with also her sleeping quality improved.


    Mdm Chew starting consuming Elite Natural’s products at age 82. She was diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure at age 48.

    For 20 odd years, she was prescribed with pills and insulin injection, only to find that her kidney function was less than 30% in her 70s. Worrying dialysis and further complications, her son came across Elite Natural’s Lingzhi spore products and encouraged his mother to try.

    Within 6 weeks of consumption – 6 capsules each of Lingzhi spore oil and spore powder – Mdm Chew’s kidneys were back to 60% function. Her blood pressure also lowered from 160/100 to 130/90 within a year.

    Mdm Chew’s family was very happy to see her quality of life improve significantly.

    DR WEE

    Dr Wee, well known cardiologist from the 1970s, was diagnosed with cancer 3 years ago. He went through several sessions of chemotherapy but later suffered from stroke and inserted 3 stents into his artery.

    He decided to stop further chemotheraphy and did not follow conventional treatment methods. Since then, Dr Wee started consuming 6 Lingzhi spore oil capsules daily.

    Now at 81 years old, Dr Wee is well and healthy, drives his own car daily to socialise with friends and plays tennis 3 times a week.

    MR YEO

    Mr Yeo, 57 years old, has been in the health supplements business for more than 15 years, and pays special attention to his health.

    Mr Yeo considers himself healthy. He follows a balanced diet, exercises regularly and even sleep on a bed with infrared heating to promote metabolism and body’s natural healing mechanisms. However, he still woke up 3 to 4 times a night to urinate.

    After taking our advice with 4 spore oil and spore powder capsules each, he started having a much better sleep quality, slowly reducing his toilet visits.

    One year later, he can literally sleep through the night. Personally, he even feels that his sense of taste and memory have improved significantly.

    Mr Yeo now continues with 2 spore oil and 4 spore powder capsules daily.

    MDM YU

    Mdm Yu, 95 years old, had been struggling with dementia. When her 99 years old husband passed away 3 years ago, she left lonely and didn’t want to socialise with others. Dementia slowly caught up with her.

    Her anxious son looked for treatment methods and decided to give her 1 oil & 2 spores capsules on daily basis. He also insisted that their domestic mate brought her down with some walk daily.

    3 weeks later, her dementia issue reduced significantly.

    She is now taking 2 oil & 4 spores capsules daily without any signs of dementia.

    MR FOO

    Mr Foo, 68 years old, has been working as government officer for many years. At his 60s due to improper diet without exercise, he discovered he had a fatty liver.

    Upon advise to take 6 oil with 6 spores capsules daily, his fatty liver was reduced significantly after an medical check up 8 weeks later.

    Since he started consumption of Lingzhi spore oil and powder, Mr Foo hardly falls sick. Even if he catches a cold, it recovers within 2 to 3 days. Even with frequent travelling, he does not feel affected by jet lag as severely as before.

    He now takes 2 oil & 2 spores capsules daily for maintenance.

    MR GOH

    Mr Goh 44 years old, an Indonesian architect was working in Shanghai with wife and 2 daughters for almost 8 years, was diagnosed with Leukemia stage 2 about 2 years ago.

    He quit his stressful job in Shanghai and moved the whole family back to Singapore. Along with 6 sessions of chemotherapy, we advised him to take 10 oil & 16 spores capsules before and after the chemotherapy session for 6 months.

    5 months later, the results were excellent, and the doctor told him that he need not carry out further bone marrow transfer that was first arranged with his brother.


    Mr Kuak, 45 years old, travels around the Asian regional areas for work. Due to work obligations, he follows a busy schedule and is often faced with wine and dine settings.

    He started noticing that during afternoon drives, he got increasingly tired and even fell asleep. Worried for his health, he went for a medical check up and found that his liver was not functioning optimally with high cholesterol.

    After only 8 weeks of consumption, coupled with regular exercise, Mr Kuak subsequently never falls asleep while driving and felt his immunity improve drastically.

    A year later at a follow up medical check, he was told his liver improved significantly and his cholesterol went down to normal ran.